Episode 24 - The Energy in the Room
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The Network
Episode 24 - The Energy in the Room
Jan 27, 2021 Season 2 Episode 10
The CAPS Network

In this energy and experience filled episode, Corey kicks off a new mini-series about the 5 Core Values of the CAPS Network. He talks with our guests from Bentonville Ignite's Global Business program: Instructor Jessica Imel and students Claire Hamilton, Kendall Jasper and Sam Crain. This quartet of voices give us a rich look at how community connectivity happens through diverse business project sprints, mentorships and internship opportunities. Plus, Corey gives us a mini-economics lesson! You won't want to miss hearing the stories these students tell.

The Network is all about discovering the CAPS Model. The CAPS Network is a 501(c)3 supporting over 100 programs, in 21 states and 4 countries. CAPS reimagines education to be a learner centered, profession based experience that catapults young people into passion and purpose. CAPS is going where students lead.

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