Episode 25 - Passion Based Learning
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The Network
Episode 25 - Passion Based Learning
Feb 11, 2021 Season 2 Episode 11
The CAPS Network

In the second episode of our mini-series on the 5 Core Values of the CAPS model, Corey talks with Amy Ewell, Jill Riffer and producer Alisa Morse about the ways CAPS delivers on  Professional Skills Development. The guests share insights into how this core value is directly incorporated into the daily activity of learning environments. They also share power stories of the impact these skills have on students' futures. This episode is filled with concrete examples of implementation, big ideas and encouragement for all educators. 

The Network is all about discovering the CAPS Model. The CAPS Network is a 501(c)3 supporting over 100 programs, in 21 states and 4 countries. CAPS reimagines education to be a learner centered, profession based experience that catapults young people into passion and purpose. CAPS is going where students lead.

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